English translation of "Gaudium Mundi, nova stella"
  • RobertRobert
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    I'm looking for a translation of this hymn by St. Peter Damian, for vespers of the Assumption in the Ordinary Form. Any suggestions? Verse translation, prose translation, doesn't matter.
  • Maureen
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    Here you go! I agree that it's not easy to find even the words, much less a translation. So here's my translation - prose. If this isn't the version of the hymn that you've got, let me know -- there seem to be a few floating around that go on about "Aula coelestis speciosa Regis".

    Gaudium mundi, nova stella cæli,
    procreans solem, pariens parentem,
    da manum lapsis, fer opem caducis,
    virgo Maria.

    Joy of the world, the new star of heaven,
    Bringing forth the sun, bearing forth the parent.
    Give a hand to the stumbling, carry aid to the fallen,
    Virgin Mary.

    Te Deo factam liquet esse scalam
    qua tenens summa petit Altus ima;
    nos ad excelsi remeare cæli
    culmina dona.

    You were made by God to be a ladder
    that, holding to the lowest depths, strives for the Highest's heights
    For us, to return to the highest heavens,
    O gift of the summits.

    Te beatorum chorus angelorum,
    te prophetarum et apostolorum
    ordo prælatam sibi cernit unam
    post Deitatem.

    To you, the chorus of the blessed angels
    To you, the prophets and apostles,
    The order of prelates bow their heads to one woman,
    After the Godhead.

    Laus sit excelsæ Triadi perennis,
    quæ tibi, Virgo, tribuit coronam,
    atque reginam statuitque nostram
    provida matrem.

    Praise be to the Highest Triad evermore,
    who bestow a crown on you, Virgin,
    and give you the position of our queen,
    foresighted mother.
  • RobertRobert
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    Wonderful, Maureen!

    I intend to print the translation in a worship aid (photocopy for use in one parish) . . . would that be OK with you? (If you tell me your last name I can credit you for the translation).
  • Chris_McAvoyChris_McAvoy
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    There are three additional verses to this hymn that are not used.

    I wonder what parts of europe used this hymn and why was it only added to the breviary in the 1970s/80s.

    This appears to have been a hymn sung in northern italian dioceses before the council of trent.

    It is very nice, but why now that it makes itself known, was it purged from the local books at trent when uniformity in liturgy was imposed?
  • Chris_McAvoyChris_McAvoy
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    I also wonder if the hymn melody used for it is really the best choice. I doubt it is the original melody you find in the old liturgical books.
  • Chris_McAvoyChris_McAvoy
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    It is a old gregorian hymn melody, but I think its too generic for the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary. I last used it for st benedicts translation (July 11) hymn, not to mention, the first few notes at the beginning and end are very akward and ruin the rhythm if sung as is. I tend to ommit two of those notes so it has a smooth flow to it.
  • Maureen
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    Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. I was at the local Celtic Festival last night, from right after work till fairly late. :)

    You certainly have my permission to use it. You can credit Maureen S. O'Brien.

    However, in the light of day and checking my Latin stuff, I find that I messed up one verse BADLY! "praelatam" doesn't mean prelate in this case, but "preferred", which totally destroys my interpretation. I should have realized that "praelatam" and "unam" agreed with each other and thus probably weren't being used in totally different phrases. Sorry about that!

    It should say something more like this:

    To you, the chorus of the blessed angels --
    To you, the prophets and apostles' order --
    Bow their heads to one favored woman,
    After the Godhead.
  • Aaron
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    Anyone know where to find an metrical english translation?
  • The Mundelein Psalter (p. 1041) has a metrical version "Joy of poor sinners, fairest star of heaven". That version comes from St. Cecilia's Abbey, Ryde, England.

    Here's one based on Maureen's translation:

    Joy of the whole world, bright new star of heaven,
    sun-bearing mother, parent of the parent,
    uphold the stumbling, bring help to the fallen,
    O virgin Mary.

    You are the ladder made by God the Father
    grounded in this world, reaching to the highest
    that we may climb up to the highest heavens,
    gift beyone others.

    To you the the chorus of the blesses angels,
    to you the prophets and apostles' order
    lower their heads to one most favored woman
    after the Godhead.

    Praise to the highest Trinity forever
    who bestows on you a crown, O blest virgin,
    and who installs you as our queen, O Mary,
    pre-ordained mother.
  • Kathy
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    Here's my go at it.

    Joy of creation, new star in the heavens,
    Moth’ring the Sun, and parenting your Maker,
    Stretch forth your hand to lift the weak and fallen,
    O virgin Mother.

    You were created as a living ladder
    By which the Most High reaches us, the lowly.
    Give us God’s ladder. Let us climb, returning
    To the high heavens.

    All of the chorus of the blessed angels,
    Orders of prophets and the blest apostles
    Claim you in honor as their only sov’reign
    After the Godhead.

    Praise to the highest Trinity eternal,
    Who crowned you, Virgin, honoring you greatly,
    And whose provision gave you as our Mother,
    And Queen forever. Amen.