Anima Christi (solo/choral, vocal & accomp) : by Koerber : (free to all)
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    It would make a very nice post-communion meditation, if and only if your singers have lovely, well-blended voices. Its simplicity makes for transparency. In other words, there's no place to hide. Everyone has to blend, stay together, not go flat (very easy for singers on sustained notes), and even (gasp) look at the director. But it could be quite affective.
  • Francis,

    I like it...and would like to use it. What is the availability of the score and the audio file?

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    Francis, I think this is quite beautiful. The movement of the harmonies reminds me of Durufle! I can just hear this working with a treble soloist, and an excellent Celeste stop on the Swell, with a subdued Subbass on the Pedal (Swell coupled through too).

    Do you have anywhere I could download a copy of this score? I'd love to use it for the Easter Vigil.
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    just send a request by email and I will send them to you in pdf. I have a hundred of these simple works.
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    I like this as well, what is your email so I can get a pdf file of it?
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    if you click on my name on any of my posts, my email address will be presented in profile.
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    Thank you for all the requests and even others via email. Please forgive my delay. I will attend to them in the next day or so. My mother has been having heart probs the last two weeks and I have been running ragged.
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    A DoM from a church in SF Cal. requested this piece yesterday, and they are doing it for Passion Sunday and thought I should post it here and offer it to everyone.

    hear a simulation of the score

    download score for orchestra

    download score for piano and two voices

    download score for organ and vocal in English

    download score for organ and vocal in Latin

    "Anima Christi was written by an unknown author in the first half of the 14th century and Pope John XXII enriched it with indulgences in the year 1330. One can gain a 300 days indulgence every time the prayer is said. A 7 years indulgence if said after Holy Communion and a Plenary Indulgence if said every day for a month under the usual conditions.24

    It is a prayer centered of the suffering and death of Christ. In it we seek union with His suffering, salvation from our sins, strength and protection against Satan, help at the hour of death and the hope of rejoicing with the saints forever.

    It is a very meaningful prayer especially when said after Holy Communion." []
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    The current indulgence is indicated at ...
    Roman Curia
    Apostolic Penitentiary
    Enchiridion indulgentiarum quarto editur (July 1999)

    Contrariis quibuslibet minime obstantibus.
    Datum Romae, ex aedibus Paenitentiariae Apostolicae, die 16 iulii 1999
    Eucharistica et spiritalis communio

    § 1. Plenaria indulgentia conceditur christifideli qui
    1°15 primum ipse ad sacram synaxim accesserit vel, aliis primum accedentibus, pie astiterit;
    2°16 qualibet feria sexta temporis Quadragesimae, orationem En ego, o bone et dulcissime Iesu, coram Iesu Christi Crucifixi imagine post communionem pie recitaverit;

    § 2. Partialis indulgentia conceditur christifideli qui, qualibet pia formula legitime adprobata, elicuerit:
    1°17 spiritalis communionis actum,
    2° gratiarum actionem post communionem (e.g. Anima Christi; En ego, o bone et dulcissime Iesu).
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    thnx eft