Just for fun, just priceless!
  • H/T to ACTS OF THE APOSTACY. If this doesn't work to amuse you, get to the orthopedist because your funny bone is dislocated-

  • Kathy
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    I think it's funny, but I wish she wasn't a womyn.
  • Kathy, am hearing Tammie Wynette in m' mind as I type!
  • Maureen
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    Well, it was funny.

    But as far as I can tell, a lot of people watch the mechanics of the EF like hawks, also. Forgetting to pay attention to the meat of Mass is a universal distraction. It's just that the parents are watching their altarboy's moves instead.

    Do some parishes actually give Mass coordinators that kind of power? In ours, all "Mass coordinator" means is, "This is the sacristan for this particular Mass, and maybe she'll keep tabs for Father on whether the servers' parents bothered to get them here today," not "ABSOLUTE POWER! MWAHAHAHA!"
  • Maureen,
    I've only encountered one parish with a FT liturgist endowed with such authority, but I don't get out much.
    I think the spoof's primary lens focused upon the stunning level of narcicistic obsession prevelent among billions of souls breathing on the planet these days. Sure, we can recite litany of usual suspects: MySpace, Facebook, MeTube, Twit-ter, our own blogs, etc. But the spoof satirizes the reality that one can expect more decorum at the local movie house than the local Sunday Mass simply because folks see two or more huge screen orders barking "Hey, Doofus, yeah YOU, turn your stupid phone off AND shut yer mouths for the next 2 hours! We're watching here, WE'RE WATCHING HERE!"

    Mass as an episode of SEINFELD seems just fine for a majority of folks, seems to me. But I am a fogey, and like John Adams-obnoxious and disliked.
  • CharlesW
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    Maureen, the pastor says that he is the parish liturgist. That works for me. We had an associate who came from one of the parishes with laity intruding on each other's space around the altar. Fr. New said he had a sacristan at his last parish who did this, and this, and this for him. I told him he wasn't in Kansas anymore.
  • eft94530eft94530
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    encountered one parish with a FT liturgist endowed with such authority

    Well, part-time authority anyway ...

    Pray, people, pray.