Regional Sacred Music Event | St. Louis, MO
  • wrightap
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    After returning home from the Sacred Music Colloquium, I have been discussing the possibility of organizing a regional sacred music event in Saint Louis, Missouri. Before moving forward with the planning, I was hoping to gauge interest in such an event and also to see if anyone in the region would be interested in collaborating. It is my hope that the event would be similar to Musica Sacra Florida Chant Conference which took place earlier this year ( Is there an interest?
  • miacoyne
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    Also don't forget to contact those people in your area from the contact list of the Colloquium that Arlene sent to you. I added a few people to our chapter from the Colloquium, and they are not necessarily regular forum readers. (we started CMAA local chapter a few years ago (DC area) and supoort various local events.)
  • kathyf
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    I would go. I live 6 hours away from SL and would make the trip.