Who made it ?? Did you make it ??
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    I hope you have enjoyed the first video that my friend Danny Mendez produced: CMAA Colloquium XX Video (1st of several)

    I am so curious: did you make it in??

    I saw myself twice, and the back of Arlene's head once.

    I also saw Maestro Brouwers, Dr. Poterack, Brother Ryan, and Maestro Turkington.

    Did you make it in??
  • June Ely
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    Nope, but my schola director's head did...
  • janetgorbitzjanetgorbitz
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    Yes! (although it was just a slight bit of flying hair peeping out from behind the woman blocking my face :)

    Loved it, loved it... excellent work (as always!)
  • I did! for like a second, and it's hard to see me. Oh well. Pretty good for only having been able to be there until Thursday night. My friend Madelaine got interviewed though! I got all excited when I saw her.
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    please mention the 'time code' when you appear and describe your looks. (if possible!)

    I want to "personalize" this forum . . .
  • Kathy
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    musicafacebook! I love it!
  • Maureen
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    At 2:34, you can see my black hat and something of my face peeking out from behind a man's ear and a white-haired lady's head. Stardom!
  • rollingrj
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    I made my appearances at 2:32, 3:06, 4:02, and 5:33. Wearing coat and tie. Amazingly, the camera lens didn't break.