Prayers for safe journey
  • Unfortunately, I've managed to dislocate my left shoulder twice in less than two weeks, the first instance the day after colloquium in PA., then this last Friday again home. So, I'm emulating my patron St. Don Roy with the single digit typing for at least 3 more weeks. Posts short, if at all! (And there was GREAT REJOICING!)
    One thing can't let slide- 2 of our finest scholar/musicians will travel to Solemnes this week- Mary Ann and Mary
    Jane. Pray, my confreres, for their safe journey's and their endeavors, and for all who attend the summer session.
    Two finer disciples of the Lord and His Church's worship heritage I can't think of presently; and they're both loving bearers of the name Miriam, Saints be praised.
    Until we meet again, Ladies, go with our love and God's grace.
  • Aaawwww shucks, Charles. Thanks for the prayers! I might add Dr. Jenny Donelson to that list, as well as Pietro D'Aquino, Steve Collins, and the ubiquitous Aristotle. I believe there is another CMAA woman coming, too, so we'll be well represented.

    I might as well tell the forum world that I am not traveling alone, but carrying a new little person inside me. And I'll always be able to say that some of his or her first sounds were the monks of Solesmes. How cool is that? So, speaking of prayers... please also pray for this tiny baby, our fourth and only one due in Lent. :)
  • Jenny is there too, don't forget
  • don roy
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    let me know if i can give you any pointers!
  • CharlesW
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    I think God needs to assign some extra guardian angels to Charles. That California must be a dangerous place. ;-)

    Prayers for a safe journey for our travellers.
  • mjballoumjballou
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    Thank you for your kind thoughts, Charles - and I will move you up on my prayer list.

    I'm dreadfully excited about this trip because there will be so much to see, hear, learn, eat, enjoy. Oh, did I forget shopping for CDs and music and looking at harps and rivers and bridges and ... and seeing dear Singing Mum.
  • "I might add Dr. Jenny Donelson to that list, as well as Pietro D'Aquino, Steve Collins, and the ubiquitous Aristotle."

    Sorry, Jenny, Pedro, Steve and ubiquitous Aristotle! You are all such dear friends, tho' I missed Steve and Jenny at Pitt. Pedro, make sure K keeps the puppy in sight! Aristotle, I was showing my 3 girls "Sacred, Beautiful, and Universal" and when you came onscreen my 34 year old (from San Fran) exclaimed "Dad, is he worthy of his name?" I took great delight in saying "Honey, you have no idea how brilliant and cool he is!"
    It was a unique joy to see my very grown daughters watch and "get" why their parents now make the annual pilgrimage!

    DR, FNJ, and CtB, it ain't too bad or California-related. It's about the d*mn Piaget curve and my increasing stupidity;-p

    OK, I'm pecked out for the day. Travel well and stay churchy, mon amis.

    I LOVE CMAA! We should make a parody of that to Randy Newman's famous anthem. Out.
  • Charles: you are very kind to say that!

    MA: If only I were truly ubiquitous! :¬) Congratulations on the new addition!

    Prayers for all…as per usual :¬)