The Mayans are wrong; the End is nearer!
  • HT to Fr. Z. Brace yourselves.

    And we thought latte sipping, Hawaiian shirt wearing megachurch Protestant congregations were a low watermark...
  • JDE
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    This is absolutely heinous. I have to agree with the commenter who asked, "Why did they have to offer Mass? Why not just Liturgy of the Word?" And get a load of the Confederate flags on the stage with the band . . . makes me so proud, NOT.

    And why on earth do they have a "Western" Mass in the first place? Maybe they also sang "Happy Trails" at the end. I don't know.
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    Must be a slow news day somewhere,
    so an old video gets uploaded (causing a recent datestamp) to jump-start the ire again
    (like the NASA-Muslim news that broke in Feb 2010 but shows up this week?).

    First some Americans ape some Europeans with Oktober-fest.
    Now some Europeans ape Americans with Confederacy-fest.

    Maybe this is an eye-opener for the way multi-culturalism works ...
    Americans put the altar down with the people.
    Americans put the band up where the sanctuary used to be.
    Americans have cultural dress and symbols that need to be included.
    Of course it will be presented in the local ambiance.
    Those American Catholics/tourists should feel right at home!
  • eft94530eft94530
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    At timestamp 3:32 the paper program shows

    Organisation: Old Mississippi Country Club Austria
    Zelebrant: Dompfarrer ___; Stephansdom

    The organisation has a website at

    The video might have been from as far back as 2008.
    Maybe we are already *at* the End.
  • chonakchonak
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    The Mass took place June 27 at 10 am (Vienna time) on the final day of the “Danube Island Festival”, an open-air music event.

    A search on the event’s web site brings up the program listing:

    “The traditional open air ‘COUNTRY GOSPEL MASS’ takes place at 10 AM.
    Cathedral rector Toni Faber from St. Stephen’s in Vienna will celebrate this Holy Mass for us. The band Okehma is providing the musical accompaniment.”

    Here’s a collection of photos from the event:

    They show that, as the video describes, the area near the altar was occupied by participants in chairs; picnic tables for the majority of the crowd were behind the first group.

    While the video goes out of its way to emphasize distasteful images of people smoking, the basic facts described in it look consistent with the photos linked above.
  • Chris AllenChris Allen
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    Of course the Mayans were wrong! Everyone knows the world's going to end next May! :-p

    Seriously, though, the organizers should have more clearly separated the area being used for the Mass from the rest of the fairgrounds. Also, given that several of the people sitting at the picnic tables appeared to receive Communion, I found it remarkable that, as far as I could tell, there was no reminder in the order of worship to observe the Eucharistic fast.

    Oh, and "We Are the World" makes a heck of a Communion hymn.... :-)
  • This is, of course, not Catholic in any way.
    Neither, similarly, is the diocesan ordinary who condoned this activity.
    Those who consider this to be Catholic are, a priori, not themselves Catholic.
    It's not worth attention beyond this.
  • miacoyne
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    We should ignore it, but this is just too much to ignore. Can't believe this is a Catholic church

    "Dutch Church Goes Orange for WC Final ...

    They have a soccor ball and kick it during the Mass. How far the Mass can go to amuze people? Is this the way of 'uplifting' the spirit and unifying people together at Mass? and the naive and nice people in the pew follow the leaders.)