Do not use the phrase Pastoral Liturgy because you are violating trademark
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    Don't believe it?

  • G
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    Hmmmm...® (The use of "Hmmm" with only 3 "m"s is unencumbered by copyright, registration, patent, or my just generally feeling territorial, so knock yourself out)

    (Save the Liturgy Save the World ®)
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    Remember G that you will have to re-registered this trademark every 18 months or so with the Federal Office of Trademark Registration, but believe me it is worth it. Otherwise the pirates and parasites will rob you blind.
  • David AndrewDavid Andrew
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    I'm in very little danger of using that expression anymore, thanks to LOTS of therapy and exposure to SAY THE BLACK, DO THE RED. (Which is probably also trademarked, so sue me!)

    On the other hand, my Pastor and I laugh when he catches me using the term "presider" rather than "Priest celebrant", or "assembly" rather than "congregation." These things take time.
  • Jeffrey, haven't you trademarked "Gathering and Scattering" yet? That was priceless.
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    Charles, I have the distinct impression that I might have pirated that phrase from someone.
  • Jeffrey-


    O merde, that was likely trademarked. Hmmm (royalties to G)

  • don roy
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    im gonna show my real stupidity here so as to remove all doubt but...
    could that trademark registration refer to the magazine "pastoral music"?

    if that was a really stupid thing to say let me "oops' in advance.
  • don roy
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    I just answered my own question....
  • Jeffrey, they are WELCOME to it!