Pentecost Sequence (English set to the authentic chant melody)
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    For those of you who are trying to introduce the chant into your music program, and Latin is still a stumbling block for your situation, here is a good alternative as it still maintains the English translation but keeps true to the original melody. A truly 'Catholic' piece of music
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    Yes, very nice!
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    Here is a harmonic realization after Charles Jauquier for those who would like an accompaniment (organ 8' flute works good) and for you guitar rebels (Charles!), a single strum (glissando) with the proper inversion in the bass is mandatory! Rhythm guitar is strictly forbidden! :=}
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  • This translation is well known in Anglican usage. But, ahem, it has been monkeyed with! That is, the 'thees' and 'thous' have been altered. This is alright, I guess. What is rather clumsy, though, is the missing syllable at the beginnings of phrases, which results in two neumes to a single syllable where there are supposed to be two syllables; namely 'Come- Holy Spirit, come...', rather than 'Come O Holy Spirit, come', or 'Come thou Holy Spirit, come'. To those who were bred on the proper syllabification this is an affront. To those who also know the Latin, it is obvious that this transcription is not faithful to the original metre and has been forced on the tune. Finally, this impoverishment of Edw. Caswall's translation is unnecessary.
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    Actually, this is the translation in my version of the RC Lectionary... I guess they adopted it from Caswall. If you are that affronted by the missing syllable, you could always put in the word, "now" or "O" I presume.
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    I think the term here may be "O"ffronted. ;<)
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    Good, Noel!

    Thanks for your humor.
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    How unacceptable is it to use a paraphrased musical version of the sequence? I want to use the one Francis provided here, but the singers here may have a hard time/protest it...there is a paraphrased version in our missalette set to "O Filii et Filiae"...
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    We have done that version before too and had the congregation sing it. Not sure about the 'rules' on Sequences. Anyone?
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    Folks might be interested in the English versions here (by Fr. Weber & Ted Marier):,172/
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    These are excellent! Thank you.

    We have learned the Latin sequence but we have confirmation on Pentecost Sunday and "Veni Creator" will probably not be long enough for the laying of hands; I think I will use the translation as well. Then the faithful can hear it twice! (There wouldn't be a liturgical problem with this, would there?)
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    All GIRM seems to say is that the sequence is not optional on Easter and Pentecost, so singing it before the Alleluia is required. Doesn't say anything about text, unless the reader is to assume the text in the missal is the one required.