Please fill this out
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    Please fill out this collegeville survey for a new hymnal. It is well intended. There are several huge mistakes in any, such as the failure to distinguish between schola parts and people parts, and some odd omissions and things. Still, it is worth doing.
  • Charles in CenCA
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    Jeffrey, I am a ditz, but at the link to LitPress, I could not find a button to take the survey. Help?
  • For questions which say "does your parish/community ...", does that exclude the music ministry (cantors, schola, choir, etc)? I almost take it as being the congregation itself.
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    that is the worst part of the survey. I criticized this on NLM. The entire survey presumes cantor plus congregation with a choir maybe for support. This is the way most parishes are, as we know, but the presumption makes the whole survey confused and confusing.
  • chonakchonak
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    I took that the other way: when it said: "does your parish...", I included what the choir sings on its own.

    One omission: they neglected to ask: does your parish sing a communion antiphon?
  • DougS
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    I think they were just trying to reach the demographic that might legitimately purchase an updated Collegeville Hymnal. They weren't trying to gauge the entire cross-section of Catholic practice; at least that's how I understood the survey.

    I liked the question about chant. "Because the Church says so."
  • Charles in CenCA
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    I noticed the Communio option's absence, as well, RC. I puzzled over whether their "psalms and antiphons" category included same.
    Most fun? Checking the NEVER box one after the other through a series of song titles. Particularly GUI.
    I thought their willingness to seek out whether folks would wait out the purchase of a hardbound hymnal once RM2010 is published was boldly realistic, particularly a hymnal that might not contain readings.
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    And what about the odd INCLUSION of the offertory antiphon? Only a handful of people even know that such a thing exists. It doesn't appear in the Missal.
  • Jeffrey MorseJeffrey Morse
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    Done! Though I cannot imagine what they will make of my answers as St. Stephen's is not your "typical" RC parish, though we DO have a hardback hymnal in the pews.
  • magistra6
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    Other languages - Greek ;-)

    A problem with this survey is that it asks what is currently being done. Do they want to produce a hymnal that reflects the status quo, or a hymnal for where we're going? Our pastor refuses to allow any chant, Latin or English, but he won't be here forever...
  • janetgorbitzjanetgorbitz
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    done... you don't know how much satisfaction it gave me to put "never" on how often we sing most of the songs they specifically mentioned :)