errors in Propers index for the Graduale Romanum (1974) pdf
  • Does anyone else use the pdf, "Propers of the Mass for the Church Year, Sundays and Major Feasts, Graduale Romanum (1974)", and discovered errors?

    For the Fifth Sunday of Easter (B/C), it lists the Communion proper as "Ego Sum Pastor", when it's suppose to be "Ego Sum Vitis". An understandable copy/paste error since the previous Sunday has "Ego Sum Pastor", and also because they are both so similar.
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    thank you for this. I depend heavily on this list
  • Hey, you're welcome!


    I noticed the error a few weeks ago as we were approaching that day. Perhaps these errors are only discovered as we get to them.

    Related/off topic question: How come "Ego Sum Vitis" isn't in the 1961 Graduale Romanum? Am I mistaken? This means that those of us who use the Nova Organi Harmonia would have to find other sources for organ accompaniment for these "missing" chants.
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    Ego sum vitis is not a part of the EF Roman Rite; however, it is a part of the Dominican use of the Roman Rite (see the 1950 Dominican Graduale, April 25, St. Mark, for which day there also other propers not part of the EF; the Offertory Repleti sumus is now also part of the OF).
  • Thank you, dvalerio! One question always seems to lead to several more, as there is much that I don't know.