Tones for the Roman Martyrology
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    What is the official chant tone for the Martyrology and where can I find it? Thanks.
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    So, is the Modus Ordinarius of the Cantus Martyrologii the usual mode for chanting the Martyrology at Prime everyday? I know it can be read/chanted after the Collect and before the Dismissal at Morning Prayer in the Liturgiam Horarum. Is that the usual tone? Thanks.
  • Pardon reviving an old thread, but I am also looking at how to chant the Martyrology at Prime.

    I remember there being recordings made daily from a French monastery and I think they had all the hours, including Prime. I cannot remember the name.

    Would the versicle at the end of the day's Martyrology have its own tune? :
    V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
    R. Deo grátias.
  • I can do a recording of the tones we use here at our Monastery but it would be not until next week maybe.
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  • Do y'all understand how the letters at the top of the page in the traditional martyrologies work for indicating what day of the moon should be announced?
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  • Jonathan, there is normally a chart in the beginning of the martyrology which show the pattern. Right now we are in Lunar R. Its not only in the traditional latin martyrology but also in the new additions that were published in the early 2000s. For some reason the English addition from the 50s did not include it... but all the martyrologies in Spanish Italian and French that I have seen include it.

    It is announced after you announce the day

    Roman Martyrology of the 5th day of September
    Then the Lunar is announced.

    Then the announcement of the Saints follow.
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  • @veromary

    Here is one of the tones we use, I am sorry I havent had too much time, but I will try to note the other ones as I get a chance. Hopefully this is helpful.
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  • Thanks @monasteryliturgist - that sounds good.

    I ended up singing it with my adaptation going from the Versus Psalmorum book which had for the Christmas Martyrology. Here's my video, starting 11 minutes in :