Deus Meus, Deus Meus, utquid dereliquisti me? (4 of 7))
  • I think that is quite a beautiful piece.

    I congratulate you.
  • francis
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    Hi JVN:

    Thank you most kindly for your comment.

    This one seems to have baroque-like sonorities. However, the middle section (in the relative major) seems to be more Mozartian in character, perhaps because of the long sustained tonic and dominant in conjunction with a simpler harmonic structure than the more progressive harmonies of part A.

    I am still perplexed about the text, though, as Jevoro and I (and a few others) have been hammering about the proper treatment in certain musical phrases, especially where the words 'Deus' and 'meus' become isolated from each other.

    I tend to get chirurgical (as Monsieur Von Roesgen will testify), but I find the play on words in the latin can bring about other subtle meanings that are quite effective if executed properly, and with great caution, I might add. (I don't like at all tampering with the things Jesus said, and neither does his mother! [at least the one in heaven, for the moment])

    If you can bear to read our (Jevoro, me and others') insane bantering about this problem, its under the post of "Several Questions" which has really turned out to be "Severe Questioning" (lol).

    This is also a problem in my recently composed "Ego Sum" that is also out on this forum. The text on that one is in tatters right now, so I definitely need to come to terms about how to fix her!

    I am so grateful to have found a society that even cares about these things and are willing to take the time to give critique. Thank you, thank you.
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    Deus ut quid...: 46-49: To make the kollaps work between Deus (B/T) and ...meus (S/A), i think that nuances will be important... Between both, "ut quid derelin..." (B/T) most pianissimo.
    Sorry for my english and severness... :-) I think you want to make irreprochable church-music.
  • francis
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    You have become a great friend to me! Please, do not apologize for a moment about severness. I was only making a joke about our going back and forth and boring others with details. When one carves a statue, to polish the marble takes a lot of strong arms and abrasive tools. The more 'arms' the better!