chabanel psalms in choir: one experience
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    I have a choir that is truly at the "beginning" of development and yet is responsible for a mass every week. Until my arrival, psalms consisted of a variety of Haugen and other purported "settings". i decided to sing the chabanel psalms in choir as a means of drawing their attention to text, "sung speech". After a year and half of experience with them, I have to say they have been crucial in my choir's development in terms of vowel shape, shape of a phrase and learning to pay attention to text as a means of communication. It is my understanding that while these settings were not designed for choral usage, they really work well as a great teaching tool, as a bridge to more difficult settings and as a help with chant.

    I marvel that my very beginning group has learned so much from these settings. From a year and half ago until today has been a journey. But isnt that part of the fun.:)

    From one choirmasters desk. Thanks Jeff and all the folks at the Watershed
    (Busyness has prevented me from posting lately).

    Disclaimer: This was an unsolicited kudo on my part.
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    I really appreciate this post, Kevin. Thanks!
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    These psalms have also aided our choir in developing an ear for sacred music. They have learned how to develop rhythms out of texts and groups rather than a metered tempo within a contemporary from. But most of all ( from the very first ), I noticed among the congregation a dramatic stillness in the church when the verses were proclaimed from the Chabanal psalms. All the shuffling and coughing stop(ed)s immediately- an observable active participation through listening. We now are singing communion propers from the Gradual too.
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    Ralph, let's hope they're not asleep !!! :-)