The dreaded liturgy committee, positive experiences
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    A job description has been posted on here that has the word "liturgy committee" in it 5 times.

    I'm curious as to whether or not anyone here has ever had ANY positive experiences with a liturgy committee.

    I'm not interested in hearing the horror stories... but I'm very interested in hearing positive ones.
  • j13rice
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    Our committee is formed of our pastor, our deacon, myself (director of music and liturgy), and the volunteer leaders of the various liturgical ministries. It has been effective in several respects. First, it is an opportunity for everyone to meet and be on the same page when it comes to upcoming liturgical events as well as providing a forum for questions as far as how things should be done. Second, it is a chance for the pastor to test the waters so that any changes we need to make are put into place as effectively as possible. It serves as a gauge for the response of parishioners overall. Then generally the members of the committee are on board with what is decided and act as advocates to their peers.
  • CharlesW
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    Our liturgy committee is misnamed. It has little to do with liturgy. It's more of a logistics committee that makes sure we have flowers for special days, enough candles for Easter Vigil, and things like that. I am solely responsible for music and report directly to the pastor.
  • Same here, our liturgy committee had more to do with decor, servers, and ushers than anything else, but it DID give me the opportunity to teach about Propers.
  • GavinGavin
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    My first job as music director involved me sitting in on Liturgy Committee meetings. It was as Charles and Michael described. I know the topic is positive experiences, but I must add it was the most deadly dull experience of my life.
  • The only positive experience I can relay is hypothetical. A bishop I know suggested that liturgy committees would serve a purpose if they became sessions to study and review liturgical documents. I think that's a great idea, though I've never been one designated to steer a such a group.

    During the interview for my current job I asked if there was a liturgy committee, and the pastor (FSSP) replied, "I am the liturgy committee". Best answer I could have asked for.
  • Charles in CenCA
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    Don't forget, MA m'dear, Fr. Keyes relayed at a plenum last summer that he also responded, to a word, the same to a parishioner questioning the need for such a committee. Priceless.
  • francisfrancis
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    We have an excellent body of members who understand liturgy or are willing to understand what good liturgy is. This is my first positive experience with an LC. It should always remain a consultative group and does not operate on it's own. Of course, the pastor should always be present and have authority in all aspects of liturgy. It it the primary 'job' of any priest to confect excellent liturgy. Ours is mostly logistical too. I don't get too much input on music if at all, but I enjoy the meetings NTL.