Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest - Choir Camp for Children, Aug. 1–6, 2010
  • The Institute is pleased to offer a unique opportunity to children age 9-15: a completely immersive experience in Catholic choral music and musicianship. The splendid campus of the Ursuline Motherhouse of Mount Saint Joseph in Kentucky will provide the ideal setting for the camp.

    Choristers who attend the choir camp will enter a world of daily prayer and music-making with their fellow campers. The personal musical advancement the choristers make will be comparable to a full year of standard weekly choir rehearsals. Classes are taught by practicing Catholic musicians.

    The cost is $360 for the first camper, $310 for the second, and $250 for each camper thereafter. A limited amount of space is available. You may register online.

    See the brochure [PDF] for more information and a complete schedule. Please direct questions to Mr. Nick Botkins (314-771-3100) at the Institute's St. Francis de Sales Oratory.

  • This looks SPLENDID!! As I start my 10th year with choristers (and choir of course) in the FSSP parish in Sacramento, I have come to realise that the answer to so much of the crisis in Catholic music is the re-establishment of choristers, of training young people in the Chant and sacred polyphony. The blessings for the parish have been many, and now many of my choristers are going on to undergraduate programs in music, armed with a firm grounding in the Chant, theory, musicianship etc., and many too have joined the choir as they have left the choristers because of changing voices or age. I am lucky that my position is full-time and allows me the time during the week to work with the choristers. To those who might say very few parishes can afford a full-time director of music, I hasten to add that the total number of parishioners is around 900 and we have no big benefactors, we also support three priests and three choral scholars for the choir.

    I wish the organisers and the participants every success in this undertaking which I believe is so vitally important for the real success of Catholic music in the U.S., and I thank you for doing something so brilliant for our young singers. I am sure that the fruits of your hard work will be great!
  • don roy
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    I have a 9 year old boy in my adult choir who would be perfect for this. Incredable voice and hes got the musician calling (God help him). Unfortunatly his folks are not well off. Any scholarships available?
  • BachLover2BachLover2
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    the FSSP seminary is also hosting a chant practicum this summer by a ted marier student
  • Don, Nick would have the answer to the scholarship question. Feel free to call him (number above).
  • The girls dorm is currently full - but a waiting list has been established. There is still limited room for boys.
  • Donnaswan
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    don roy, Please let me know if after calling Nick, you still need help with a scholarship.
  • Donnaswan
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    Was hopoing to hear from Don Roy/ Where are you, Don Roy?