In what communio is this passage from Wisdom 16 used?
  • ℣. Panem de caelo praestitisti eis.

    ℟. Omne delectamentum in se habentem.

    ℣. You gave them bread from heaven.

    ℟. Containing within itself all sweetness.

    Is there an on-line index listing the psalms and canticles sung in the Graduale Romanum?

    I need to find when Wisdom 16:20-21 is sung in the Graduale Romanum.

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  • Maureen
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    Apparently, it's whenever you feel like it; though I suppose there must be actual designated Sundays, also.

    "Page 391 of the 1974 Graduale Romanum lists seven Antiphonae Eucharisticae pro Communione ad libitum adhibendae, which may, for pastoral reasons, supplant the Communion chant proper to the day.

    "If done responsorially with the verses specified by the Graduale, either in Latin or the vernacular, the same antiphon/psalm combination could conceivably be used over multiple Sundays while the verses to the psalm are completed—similar to what the weekday Lectionary does with St. Paul’s epistles."

    One of the seven antiphons is the one you're asking about.
  • 1974 Graduale: Week 19, page 319. There is a slight variance in the text: Panem de caelo dedisti nobis, Domine. Sap. 16, 20.
    Liber Usualis: 13th Sunday after Pentecost. Page 1035.

    Don't know about the index of scriptural references--that would be a useful resource.

    As you probably know, the versicle & response format you show is used for Benediction. It's also in Vespers for Corpus Christi.
  • Yeah! Thank you both!
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    biblical index of gregorian chants:

    Carl Marbach, Carmina Scripturarum, Argentorati (Strassburg/ Strasbourg), 1907

    Georg Olms Verlag re-edition (1963 and) 1994.

    ISBN: 978-3-487-00348-1

    Quite usefull, but expensive: 115 Euros