• Does anyone know of any custom or tradition that informs the usage of one particular penitential rite (of the three, excluding discussion of an Asperges) during Eastertide? For example, is there documentary notice that Rite A (Confiteor/Kyrie) is suppressed, discouraged or does not enjoy a preference during the season?
  • Donnaswan
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    I always thought the Sprinkling Rite took the place of the Penitential Rite. I am ready to be corrected,though
  • incantuincantu
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    GIRM 51 suggests that the sprinkling rite is especially appropriate during the Easter season, though it may be used on any Sunday of the year. When it is used, it replaces the Act of Penitence. The chant that accompanies the rite is the Asperges me (replaced by the Vidi aquam during the Easter season). Liturgical documents tend to list the preferred option first, in this case Rite A (Confiteor + Kyrie). I know of no other offiicial preference, seasonal or otherwise. One might, however, apply the principle of progressive solemnity and use a fuller form of the rite on Sundays and solemnities, and a more simple form on weekdays.