Modern notation propers in Latin
  • rogue63
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    Is there a modern-notation version of the Graduale available on here somewhere? I saw the modern-notation for "Chants of the Church", but not the LU or the Graduale. I'm specifically looking for Latin propers using modern notation.

    DISCLAIMER: It's not for me; it's for a choir director friend who wearily relented after his singers bucked hard at reading neumes. They're singing propers, though, so kudos!
  • dvalerio
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    There is a modern notation version of the Liber Usualis available at (scroll down to the end of the page for the 1924 edition)

    and there is another one at

    Both these versions are from the 1920's, so they are not exactly what is currently in force for the EF. But you can find most, nearly everything, of what is needed for the EF these.

    The OF may require some chants not given in the LU, either because a few had fallen into disuse and were published only recently, or because they are assigned to weekdays in the EF and are thus missing from the LU (that concentrates mostly on Sundays).