Implementing the Ward method
  • I have been trying to educate myself on the Ward method and am very interested in it. My questions is: has anyone tried using her method with a children's choir at church? Is it impractical to do so if you don't meet very often? Is there a way to implement the Ward method in the parish setting with children even if you only do meet once a week?
  • henry
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    I teach music in the parish school where I work as organist/choir director. I have been using the Ward method in the school for the past three or four years. Some classes (K-2) meet twice a week, others once. I never took a Ward class, just bought the textbooks and began using them. I only spend 10 minutes or so on the method in any given class. I'm hoping it will help my children's choir learn music faster. To answer your question, the Method is designed to be used five days a week for about 20 minutes per day, but I feel that children are benefitting from it even if it's only once a week. It just takes longer to cover the book.