Palm/Passion Sunday: What did you see/hear/do?
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    maybe this is a day too late...but add your response if you so desire!

    We skipped the "Hosanna" Chant (which we were planning on doing in English, since it seemed awkward last year; we're supposed to do it as the priest walks to the place in the church where the procession is? What if that's in the back of the church where he walks to *every* week? and we don't normally make a big deal out of it... am I missing something?)

    All Glory, Laud and Honor
    Psalm: My God, My God (setting by a local composer to a slightly contemporary style)
    Gospel Acclamation (Respond & Acclaim)
    Offertory: O Sacred Head
    Ah, Holy Jesus
    Sanctus: A Community Mass
    Mortem Tuam (chant)
    Agnus Dei (chant)
    Communion chant
    Adoramus Te Christe (Dubois)
    My Song is Love Unknown
    Recessional: Glory Be To Jesus
  • Yes, the antiphon is to be sung as the priest processes to the place where you are gathered, where ever that may be. Even if you're not gathered in any special location, it can still be sung as if it's a processional.

    It also may or may not alternate with psalm verses. My Lectionary responsorial psalm book doesn't include alternating verses, though.

    Singing it in English should be fine, although I feel that the syllable placements are a little contrived.
  • I'm trying to find an online Sacramentary ... When I met with my priest to go over what we were to do for Palm Sunday, the book he had out explicitly described the order of the actions to take place, and I believe it was the Sacramentary.

    When in doubt, refer to your church's Sacramentary and Lectionary.
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    Mendelssohn: Daughters of Zion. Really beautiful piece!
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    Prelude: Hosanna to the Son of David (David Halls)
    Blessing of the Palms: Hosanna Filio David (N.A.M.? from the St Gregory Hymnal)
    Procession: All Glory Laud and Honor
    Psalm 22 Responsorial: SATB (unknown)
    Offertory: O Vos Omnes (Giovanni Croce)
    Sanctus: Deutche Messe (arr. Proulx)
    Agnus Dei: Mass XVIII
    Communion: Proper chant, Missal text set as plainsong (Jeffrey Patry)
    Communion Hymn: Calvary (African American spiritual?)
    Recessional: Lift High the Cross
  • Blessing of Palms: Hosanna Filio David (chant); Victoria: Pueri Hebraeorum
    Procession: All Glory Laud and Honor
    Offertory: Stainer: The Appeal of the Crucified
    Sanctus/Benedictus/Agnus Dei - Michael Haydn: Missa per Quadragesime
    Communion: Joseph Haydn: Stabat Mater Dolorosa
    Recessional: O Sacred Head Surrounded
  • I went through the '61 Liber Usualis verbatim and even sung the 45 min. passion in Latin with three parts.
  • Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion, Saint Edward, Newark, CA 10:00 AM MIssa Cantata (OF)
    "Hosanna Filio David" ... Mode 7 (Graduale Romanum)
    Blessing of Palms & Gospel done at the entrance (People in place in pews.)
    "Ingrediente"... Mode 2 (Grad. Rom.) as procession continued from the doors to the Altar.
    Responsorial Psalm 22 ... Mode 2 Setting by Rev. Jeffrey R. Keyes, CPPS
    Gradual "Christus factus est pro nobis" ... Mode V (Grad. Rom.)
    Offertorium: "Improperium" ... Mode 8 (Grad. Rom.) followed by setting by Giovanni Battista Casali
    Sanctus & Agnus Dei from Mass XVII
    Comm: "Pater, si non potest" ... Mode 8 w/verses of Ps 21/22 from "Communio"... Richard Rice
    Motet: "In monte Oliveti" ... Giovanni Croce
    Retiring Procession: Hymn: "Vexilla Regis prodeunt"
  • Our very simple parish used the following:

    Hosanna Filio David (chant)
    All Glory, Laud and Honor
    Responsorial Psalm, chanted in English, Mode VIII
    Gospel Acclamation, chanted in English, Mode VIII
    Offertory: Gloria Laus (chant)
    Sanctus and Agnus Dei, Mass XVIII
    Communion: Pater, si non potest (proper chant)
    Post Communion: Anima Christi (chant)
    Closing Hymn: O Sacred Head Surrounded
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    Hosanna filio David (Mode VII)
    To Jesus Christ, our sov'reign King (Ich Glaub an Gott)
    Crown him with many crowns (Diademata)
    All glory, laud, and honor (St. Theodulph)
    RP: My God, my God (Willcock)
    Offertory: Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine (Bach)
    Sanctus XVIII
    Memorial Acclamation (Rocca)
    Great Amen: fa-sol
    Agnus XVIII
    Communion chant: Pater, si non potest (Mode VIII)
    Communion antiphon: Keep in mind... (Deiss)
    Communion motet: Improperium (Lassus)
    Hymn: O sacred head surrounded (Bach's harmonization)
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    Introit: Chant/Victoria "Hosanna filio David"

    Procession to the Altar: All Glory Laud and Honor

    Psalm: My God, My God, Marty Haugen

    Preparation of the Altar and Gifts: God So Loved the World, Stainer

    Ordinary: Corpus Christi Mass, Proulx

    Agnus Dei: Chant Mass XVII

    Communion: Were You There, acapella, setting by Scott Soper, GIA

    Communion Motet: Anima Christi, Michael Burgo, WLP

    Recessional: O Sacred Head Surrounded
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    St. Thomas Aquinas, Camas, WA

    Procession before the blessing of the palms: Hosanna Filio, Chant
    Procession into the Church: All Glory Laud and Honor
    Responsorial: My God, My God...A Capella, Fr. Weber
    Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ, Fr. Weber
    Offertory: Improperium, Chant,
    O Sacred Head Surrounded, Bach's Harmony
    Communion: Pater Si, Chant
    My song is love unknown
    Recessional: Silence

    Is anyone familar with this practice of silence at the recessional of Palm Sunday
  • St. Mary's, Visalia
    Procession, Blessing of Palms: Hosanna to the Son of David (SCG/R.Rice)
    Entrance: ALL GLORY, LAUD AND HONOR (St. Theodulph)
    Psalm: Alstott
    Gradual: Christus factus est
    Offertory: O SACRED HEAD (Passion chorale)
    Sanctus XVIII-chanted
    MemAcc/Amen: MOC
    Agnus Dei XVIII
    Communio: Pater si (SCG/Rice)
    Hymn: I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE (Toolan)
    Motet: The Thorn Upon the Rose (J. Martin)
    Dismissal: JESUS, REMEMBER ME (Berthier)
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    It rained heavily all morning. So the pastor blessed palms in the back of the church.

    Entrance: All Glory, Laud, and Honor
    Psalm 22: My God, My God - Haugen (only one in the hymnal)
    Before the Gospel: Lenten Acclamation by Proulx
    Offertory Anthem: The Holy City - a favorite of the pastor, so we do it every year.
    Sanctus, etc.: Mass XVIII in Latin
    Communion proper: Richard Rice, Simple Choral Gradual
    Communion hymn: The King of Love My Shepherd Is
    Recessional: To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King
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    Hosanna Filio David (chant) alternating between English and Latin as the congregation gathered outside.
    Then the choir processed into the church singing Pueri Hebraeorum and the congregation followed.
    Once all were in the pews then we proceeded with
    Ent. All Glory Laud
    Psalm 22 WLP antiphon and Aristotle verses
    Gospel Acc: Koerber
    reading of the passion accompanied by light timpani
    Offertory Proper : AUG
    Hymn: O Sacred Head
    Mem Acc
    Agnus Dei
    communion Proper : AUG (very dramatic antiphon as the priest consumes the precious blood :
    Father, if this cup may not pass, but I must drink it, then your will be done. (Matthew 26:42))
    Comm Hymn : Jesus, Remember Me
    Comm Meditation : He Was Despised (an original comp)
    Recess in silence
  • We sang the Proulx Hosanna fanfare at the appropriate time.
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    Michael, is the Proulx Hosanna fanfare worth buying/singing? I've heard parts of it and it sounds like it would be an awesome way to mark the entrance of the priest.

    This was our program...

    Hosanna to the song of David (Fr. Kelly's adaptation of the chant)
    Ride On, King Jesus for the procession into the church
    Entrance: All Glory, Laud and Honor
    Psalm 22 (David Clarke Isele, from Psalms for the Church Year)
    Praise & Honor on the Orbis Factor Kyrie melody from Worship hymnal
    Preparation: Christus Factus Est (Bruckner)
    Missa Ubi Caritas (Hurd) for the Eucharistic Prayer, Sanctus, etc.
    Agnus Dei VIII
    Communion: O Vos Omnes (Henson)
    Communion: Pieta (Kendzia)
    Communion: No Greater Love ostinato refrain (Walker)
    After Communion: Were You There
    Silence at the conclusion
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    Chant- Hosanna t/ Son of David
    All glory laud and honor
    Ps22 R&A
    Prep-Recit and air 'Thy rebuke' ', Behold and see' for Tenor Handel followed immediately by 'When I survey the wondrous Cross', arr. by Gil Martin as he remembers Dr. McCurdy playing it at Westminster Choir College
    Chant Mass parts
    Communion Take and Eat 'Ave Verum' Byrd
    Recess. Lift high the Cross ( a request not to be denied)

    Sadly, I can't remember organ prelude. My bad

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    Prelude: silence-during-Lent
    Palm Blessing: (Schubert) Palm Sunday Antiphons [everything inside church between pews and main entrance]
    Introit: (hymn) All Glory Laud And Honor
    Psalm: (Guimont) My God My God why ...
    Acclamation: (TCBOGA p 26 orbis factor) Christ became obedient ...
    Gospel: chanted [solo choir members chant for individuals, tutti choir SATB Lassus for crowd]
    Intercessions: Lord hear our prayer
    Offertory: (hymn) O Sacred Head Surrounded
    Sanctus-Mem-Amen: Missa XI orbis factor
    Agnus Dei: Missa XI orbis factor
    Communion: Communio [bass cantor solo followed by choir hymn] Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence [alt v4]
    Final Hymn: none-silence
    Postlude: silence-during-Lent
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    prelude: major key buxtehude followed by unaccompanied cello solo
    hosanna to the son.. original unaccompanied
    opening: All Glory Laud and Honor
    psalm: God aweful Haugen psalms for the church year
    Gospel accl: original
    Offertory: Create in me Mueller
    communion: Now we Remain
    meditation: Were you there Raymond Haan
    closing: Jesus Remember me taize unnacompanied
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    Don, I love your frankness. I could see your eyes rolling from here when I read that about the Haugen.

    We did:
    Osanna Filio David
    All Glory, Laud and Honor
    Psalm - Guimont Ps 31
    Gospel Acclamation - Kraehenbuehl with Mode VI verses a capella. Choir sang acclamation in parts.
    Offering - choral motet by Henry Gehrke
    Sanctus, Mysterium Fidei - original work (unison)
    Agnus - Mass XVII adapted to English
    Communion - hymn "Were You There" and also a vocal solo.
    Recessional - Lift High the Cross.

    This hymn is leaving the repertoire because I am sick of telling the men to take a breath at the comma during the verses, only to hear about the crucified bears in verse 3. Also my basses have a bad case of swoop-itis on the octave leaps. So next year it will be something different if I am still working there.