Musica Sacra Florida Conference Wrap-Up
  • Wrap-ups of the conference are available at the Musica Sacra Florida blog and the New Liturgical Movement.

    Videos of the liturgies and talks will also be available soon on the Musica Sacra Florida youtube channel:

    Many thanks to all who participated and helped! There is great cause for rejoicing about the future of sacred music in the state of Florida!
  • don roy
    Posts: 306
    again jenny,thank you for such a spectacular conference. im sorry i had to leave early but what i experienced at ave maria has surely whetted my apetite for next year!
  • Ave Maria was a good spot. The oratory sounds good, although the architecture is a little "unique".
  • RagueneauRagueneau
    Posts: 2,592
    my spies tell me that this conference was AMAZING

    . . . and I don't doubt it !