Counterpointer - software
  • Pes
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    I just purchased and am playing around with some music software called "Counterpointer":

    I'm impressed. It could be a bit more beautiful, visually speaking, but what a suberb little tool this is. Now if I can just get my "midi2ly" script to work...
  • incantuincantu
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    This looks kind of amazing. I could use a little counterpoint brush up - but is this fun to do? Let us know if you continue using it, say, two weeks from now. :)
  • Pes
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    I'll do that, incantu!

    I love this sort of thing. It's like crossword, sudoku, logic, and grammar puzzles, all in one -- only with the bonus of a satisfying end product. Fux is fun, but pencil and paper exercises confine the sound to the head. That discipline has its advantages, but it's all rather austere. This looks like it will be fun, and who can resist developing better precision in musical speech? It makes me giddy. Happy music nerd today, happy contrapuntal whiz person ... tomorrow! Well. Maybe in a fortnight. Or a few months. Ok, years. Sigh.
  • GavinGavin
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    How sad is it that this is the most exciting computer program I've found since Command and Conquer?
  • There is also this software but hasn't been released yet.
  • Geremia
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    Are there any free or open source alternatives to Counterpointer?
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  • Geremia
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    I did find this interesting program on GitHub:

    Description: "Creates species counterpoint using genetic algorithms (in Python)."
    See his presentation of it.
  • princehalprincehal
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    Thanks for the lead. This is basically Candy Crush for musicians.
    Paid 60 bucks for this, and it was awesome, and I'll pay anyone 60 more bucks if they write a non-buggy version, preferably for smartphones. :D
  • Rualark
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    Here is an online version of counterpoint exercise analysis:
    You need to export uncompressed MusicXML from your notation software and upload to website to analyse it. You will get PDF with analysis and MP3 with quality playback.
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