Turba Choruses for St. John Passion
  • Heath
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    I'd like to renew this discussion that is spread throughout different threads: any suggestions for turba (crowd) choruses for the St. John Passion to be used with the traditional chant?

    I've used the Victoria ones in the past, which are beautiful, but maybe too beautiful (hearing "Crucify him!" in sweet Victoria polyphony creates some cognitive dissonance for some) and maybe a hair too difficult for the very limited time period I have to prepare singers. Any other suggestions?

    I know Byrd has a 3-pt setting, but I can't seem to find it on-line; anyone have it? How about Columba Kelly's? Anyone used those? Others?
  • don roy
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    ive written a setting using renaissance volcabulary. they;re pretty contrupuntal so they might not be what your looking for but i can send you a copy (via snail mail) if youd be interested.
  • Heath
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    Don Roy,

    I'd be glad to take a look, if you don't mind! Shoot me an e-mail (satb98(at)yahoo(dot)com), and I'll send you my snail mail address.

  • OlbashOlbash
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    Craig Phillips has a fresh new setting available from Paraclete Press. I'm also quite certain I've done one by Schutz, but I can't seem to find it...
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    I've been told Mendelssohn dismissed Victoria with the comment "Pretty tame Jews". If true, it suggests he heard performers who were hypnotized by the white notes; I find the "crucify him!" sounds ferocious enough if the whole notes are taken at mm = 240.

    Byrd's setting is published in English by Paul THomas as Concordia 97-4868. It lies very well for an A, T & B who are comfortable in their respective chant ranges but might be tiring for a mixed choir. Schütz of course uses his own chant tones. Lassus might be published in English.

    If I were frantic about rehearsing at the last minute I'd be tempted to write a faburden setting of the synagogus tone. But Bud Clark (of Anglicanmusic-l and Gregorian@yahoogroups.com) has some version (Viadana, I think) that he claims to be "dead easy".
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  • Fr Monty
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    Don Roy, I would love to see your setting - if you could send me a copy stgeorges8 at bigpond.com.
  • Heath
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    Bumping this post since Holy Week is coming up . . . *any other submissions?*
  • Heath
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    A few years ago I put the Byrd choruses into English. Attached.

    I could probably take the time to clean the score up a bit and put in some headings, but probably not going to happen.. : )
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  • melofluentmelofluent
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    Interesting timing, Heath. I just dusted off the Victoria Wednesday night for its swansong for this GF.