iChant Gregorian: for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
  • I am proud to announce iChant Gregorian, for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.




    Learning how to sing Gregorian Chant? If so you will love iChant Gregorian. Use it to learn the notes, teach it to others, remind yourself of the starting notes, and work with pianists, organists and other musicians. Tap the note to play the corresponding piano sound.

    Easy as Do Re Mi.



    -Specially focused on the four-line Gregorian staff.
    -Transpose notes up and down.
    -Absolute pitch of last note played indicated in lower left corner.
    -Select Do or Fa Clef and line position.
    -Note names displayed above notes.

    Only $2.99 in the App Store.
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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  • bgeorge77
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    Does anyone who downloaded this have any thoughts or ideas for features they'd like to see in the next version?
  • Erik P
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  • Pes
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    Put a little sight-singing tutor in, i.e. have it display a graded series of 9-note melodies. You sing them, check yourself along the way by tapping notes, and then hit a button to have the whole thing played for you. The grading could range from stepwise melodies to randomly-generated ones. Of course the thing would be limited to punctums, but that's not a deal-killer. The pedagogical goal here would merely be to master the movable clef and hit the right pitches.
  • bgeorge77
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    If any developers from PC land want to step forward I will happily share with them all the info I know on how to set this up.


    You read my mind, currently working on something very much like what you're talking about. I think it will be fun! Kinda like Guitar Hero... but Chant Hero.
  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    I was about to start tinkering on a PC app that does exactly this, and ran into this...

    Would you mind me working on a PC version of this?
  • Mike R
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    This looks awesome. Now, of course, the necessary "When will this be out for Android?" post :)
  • Don't let the mainstream media know, or the headlines will be, "Catholics don't have to sing; iPhone will do it all." Just like they screwed up on that confession app.
    Looks WONDERFUL though!
  • Currently developing an Android version.

    Android makes things 100x harder as regards to the display.

    Very frustrating, but plugging along.
  • BruceL
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    Thank you! I was just visiting this thread to ask that you develop an Android version. I would be fine paying a fee for it, if it's any consolation, even a little higher than the iPhone fee!
  • I already have this app...love it and use it frequently!!
  • Finally done with the Android version of this app, check it out here:

    iChant in the Android Market
  • iChant is now available for the Android in the Amazon market:

    iChant in the Amazon Market for Android


    Also still available for iPhone.

    iChant for the iPhone on the iTunes App Market.
  • I was looking at this a couple days ago. Why does the "iChant Gregorian Support" link in the App Store take me to a "Reported Attack Page!"?
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  • Reported attack page? How bizarre... I don't know. That's an old webpage, maybe it was hacked. I will look into it. Anyway, I'm the support.
  • I mentioned this app to my schola after practice Friday night. It's been on my iTunes "Wish List" along with Liber Pro since Wednesday. Now all I need is for my iPod Touch, which I ordered Friday morning, to come. I hope it comes in the next 12 days as I'm leaving for a 3 week holiday and would like to practice some chant while I'm away. Could you make a Blackberry version in case my iPod doesn't arrive before I leave?
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  • JennyJenny
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    This app is so much fun!
  • Although I recently got the iPhone 4S, I would love to have the app for my Blackberry as well, so that I can have a backup. I just need a user manual.
  • Hi folks: I don't think a Blackberry edition will be coming out any time soon. I don't own a Blackberry and I have so little time to program.

    As far as a user manual goes, there's only the one screen: tap on buttons to make tones, transpose up and down to fit your vocal range, select the clef and clef-line, and that's pretty much it.

    I hope my little program has been helpful to people.
  • I was joking when asked if you could make a Blackberry version in 12 days. I'm also a software developer, and I know how much time it take to learn a new platform, let alone develop an app. I was just voicing my disappointment that I most likely will not be able to use your app until I get back a month from now. However, when I do get back, your app will be one of the first apps I put on my new iPod.
  • I have this app on my iPhone. Does anyone have any ideas why I can't get any sound? My volume is turned all the way up, but I get nothing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • stulte
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    Is the mute switch on the side of the phone flipped on?
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  • I downloaded it, out of curiosity. Also total silence for me. All other noise-making apps on my phone work fine.

    By the way, I clicked the link for support and got 'Page not available'. You might want to fix that.
  • corwinsl
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    Is there any new development of the IOS version of this app. I believe that it needs to be upgraded to 64-bit; otherwise. IOS 11 won't support it (or so they say).
  • bhcordovabhcordova
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    Just tested it out on my iPhone 7. Works just as well as it did the day I got it for my iPhone 4s. Remember, on iPhone, the ringer volume and the app volume are separate creatures. When you are in the app, try raising the volume at that time.

    P. S. Thanks so much for creating this app bgeorge. I use it frequently. Love it's simplicity and versatility.
  • bhcordovabhcordova
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    Was just messing around with it just now and discovered that if you transpose too high up or down, you get silence.
  • Really love this app and how much it helps, but it is no longer available to download and if you already have it, it is not compatible with ios11. Please get it back up and going!!
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  • bhcordovabhcordova
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    I agree. Please update the app for iOS11. Thanks.
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  • Yes! Please update the iChant app for iOS 11 if possible. It has helped immensely with our amateur schola in a small town.
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  • Hey folks. I am sorry to say that iChant is probably not going to be supported. I have five kids and iOS development changes from year to year, making it hard for me to keep up. I encourage you all to check out SquareNote, an excellent chant app.
  • Yes. Love SquareNote.
    FYI - so sorry you are victim to the constant (and likely needless) changes to IOS. Its almost every month at this point.
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  • I loved iChant! I understand it must be hard to maintain the updates. It was very well done and useful though. Helped me learn to read chant notation.
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  • bhcordovabhcordova
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    Really loved iChant Gregorian. Sorry it went away and is not coming back. Square Note is great, but still not iChant.
  • I gave the SquareNote guys permission/encouragement to make a better version of the functionality of iChant. Maybe ask them if they can add it or make a separate app for that.