Ad Orientem Bulletin Insert?
  • I am thinking I saw a wonderful insert for parish bulletins (in .pdf form) posted here by a pastor that explained Ad Orientem to the parishioners. I have searched and cannot locate it... perhaps it was sent out to the CMAA Resource group?

    Can you help? I'd like to provide a copy of it to our pastor.

    Thanks, Janet.
  • Hmm. I think I put it up on NLM

    I'm looking...
  • Well, I don't see it. I have a hard copy on my other machine though. I'll post later
  • Very nice.

    I noticed one typo: missing a " in the first paragraph.
  • Thanks very much... I have now saved it!
  • If you want to get a really interesting perspective on the right way to catechize a parish on ad orientem, check out the weekly parish bulletin articles written by Fr. Jay Scott Newman, pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church, Greenville SC.

    He's slooooowly preparing the congregation for the switch from versus populum to ad orientem, and doing it brilliantly.
  • This year, for the first time in decades, we will have daily masses ad orientem during Lent. In an effort to help educate the parish about it, we made a 1-page bulletin insert. I'd like to invite you all to download it and use it at your parishes if it would be helpful as well. It is just a brief overview, but it is a start. It is in both English and Spanish.