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    Laudetur Iesus Christus!

    Dear friends
    I have problem. Please, help me! I need songs of Commune Virginum of Graduale Simplex, but I haven't got this book. If someone could be scan this songs for me, I'll be very gratefull. My e-mail is:

    PS. Sorry for my English. I'm from Poland and I weakly know this language.
  • The Graduale Simplex doesn't have a Commune Virginum, only a Commune Sanctarum. I don't have time to set them or make scans, but the chants are:

    Introit I: Dilexisti iustitiam (source: RM ?) with Psalm 44, 1.9-15
    Introit II: Veni, spansa Christi (AM 682) with Psalm 23, 1-6

    Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 44, 1-2.7-15 (tone C2a with R/: Opera mea regi)

    Alleluia (AM 45) with Ps. 118, 1.10
    Alleluia Psalm I: Psalm 118, 1.10-11.30-32.40.44-45.47 (tone E2d)
    Alleluia Psalm II: Psalm 118, (tone D1b)

    Offertory I: Afferentur (RM 335) with Psalm 44, 1.7.10-11
    Offertory II: Diffusa est (NAT 9) with Psalm 44, 1.7.10-11

    Communion I: Media nocte (RM 224) with Psalm 118, 1-4.7.12-15
    Communion II: Prudentes virgines (AM 683) with Psalm 118, 1-4.7.12-15

    (AM = Antiphonale Monasticum 1934; NAT = Officium et Missa in Nocte Nativitatis Domini 1926; RM = Liber Responsorialis 1895)

    Hope this helps!
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    If you do not have access to the 1934 Antiphonale Monasticum or to the other books that Steven van Roode mentioned above, you can nevertheless find some of those antiphons in chant books available online. Notice that sometimes the melodies are slightly different, since different editions are based upon different manuscripts and represent different stages of melodic restitution:

    Dilexisti iustitiam - Fr. Thomson's Antiphonarium vol. I, Dominican Use, p. 267 (p. 136 of the PDF file)

    Veni sponsa Christi - 1961 Liber Usualis, p. 1209 (p. 1403 of the PDF file) or p. 1214 (p. 1408 of the PDF file); these are two different melodies

    Afferentur - Fr. Thomson's Antiphonarium vol. I, Dominican Use, p. 890 (p. 447 of the PDF file)

    Diffusa est - 1961 Liber Usualis, p. 373 (p. 519 of the PDF file)

    Media nocte - Fr. Thomson's Antiphonarium vol. I, Dominican Use, p. 888 (p. 446 of the PDF file)

    Prudentes virgines - 1961 Liber Usualis, p. 1215 (p. 1409 of the PDF file)