Lenten English Chant Propers with Psalm Verses
  • Here is the propers packet that my parish will be using this Lenten season. It uses Fr. Columba Kelly antiphons, Fr. Samuel Weber psalm tones (mostly), and NAB psalms for Communion chants. I post it here in case it might be of interest to anyone else, or help cut down your grunt work :)

    The introits are broken up to be sung by psalm tones if desired (this is the practice of my Adult Choir currently, although they do sing the Communion antiphons regularly without a problem.) The psalm tones have a few additions--A mode 3 tone that uses the ancient dominant, and a mode 2 and 8 adaptation of the traditional tones. Psalms are pointed with italics which indicate the first changing pitch after the reciting tone.

    It is a shame that much of this will be somewhat obsolete soon with the coming Revised Grail and new Missal translation, but it is necessary for now to move my parish along. I hope that it might be equally useful to others here.
  • Adam, you are to be commended. These propers look very good. I would like to aske you a couple of questions: 1) I thought we were not to sing the Gloria Patri during Lent and 2) how did you get the "gregorian notation " printed? I would like to use a program that teaches my choir weekly to become more familiar with the correct notation. I currently use an old version of Sibelius. Is there a newer version that I should get? Thanks so much, Dale
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    This is great. A wonderful resource. Thanks Adam. Did you typeset these?
  • @Dale: 1.) Is this really the case? Is this the traditional practice? Please let me know--this is the first I've heard of this! 2.) The antiphons are typeset using the St. Meinrad Gregorian chant font. Sibelius and Finale do not typeset Gregorian chant. Although I believe that Gregorio will the way to go eventually, it is still pretty early on in development. The Meinrad font or Caeciliae (both discussed amply on this forum) are good ways to go for now (the latter is free!)

    @Francis: The antiphons are the same as found at sacredmusicproject.com. Just copied and pasted.
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    I don't know the history enough to say anything about what is the most long-standing practice, but the liturgical books appear to indicate that the Gloria Patri is used all year.

    For the Extraordinary Form of Mass, the Liber Usualis expressly indicates the Gloria Patri with Introits in Lent.

    For the Ordinary Form, the Introits in the Graduale don't have the GP written in. However, the norms in the front of the Graduale (p. 9) say that it is permitted to add Gloria Patri as a "last verse" of the introit psalm. There is no indication of an exception for Lent.

    Also, in the Ordinary Form, the Communion is sung in the same manner as the Introit, so it would seem that the GP is permitted there as well.

    I've posted an English translation of these norms, for convenience. (See p. 8 of this document.)
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    Adam, thanks a million--this will save me lots of time. Many thanks.
  • @chronak--Thank you for this clarification!
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    People seem to have trouble with my name. But you're welcome.
  • So sorry, Richard!!! I guess I'd better lay of the "chronak" that seems to be keeping me from reading your name right ;) [this is a joke of course...]
  • One clarification - in the extraordinary form, the GP is not sung at all at mass for the last two weeks of Lent (except for feasts, and on Holy Thursday).


    Sam Schmitt
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    Adam, I believe you will find the answer on p. 420 of the Liber usualis.
  • Thanks incantu. Page 420 of my Liber Usualis is Vespers for the feast of St. Steven... What am I missing?
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    Ha ha, aw... you actually looked! I was just trying to piggyback on your "chronak" joke.
  • Nice incantu! I guess I was a little to 'green' to catch that...
  • Wow. I thought I was the only one that did something like this!

    Actually, I didn't include much on the site except my recordings of very, very simplified versions of the Introits in English and Spanish. I will eventually add the appropriate psalm verses and maybe light organ accompaniment.