Comment Box Time-Out... Solution Found!
  • When I add comments to this forum I usually do so first in another application and then copy it into the comment box to post. Especially if it is a long post! I know I'm not the only one who has lost lots of content by being somehow signed out during the course of a long comment, only to lose everything and never get it back. I sometimes write longer thoughts right in the comment box and then copy the text to my clipboard before posting "just in case".

    Today I was in a rush and didn't use either of these methods and just about lost a very thorough and well thought out comment. I got the dreaded "error" screen... "you are not logged in". I began to panic, but discovered a way to get the comment back:

    When you get signed out and seem to have lost a comment:

    1. Don't do anything to the open window! Do not click "back" or try to login from that window, you will lose everything!
    2. Open in another window and login in that window.
    3. After you have logged in through another window, go back to the other window and click the "back" button. Click "yes" if you are asked to "resend form" or something like this.
    4. You should be taken back to the comment box with your text!

    This was a life saver for me today, and it could save yours also if you're ever likely to compose dissertations in the comment box. FYI!
  • Dan F.Dan F.
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    Duly noted!
  • JamJam
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    What always works for me is checking the "remember me" box when I log in. There are errors sometimes when I post, but I just click through whatever screen it is and my comment ends up where it should.
  • Ah, for the 50s! Never once did my typewriter delete what I had so carefully thought out and written down.
  • Thanks, Adam. Unfortunately, I discovered your post a little too late; I lost a complete decree in Latin today...
  • Another solution, less steps, is to simply "ctl. c(opy)" your entry every minute or so during a long post, including when you've finished. Then, if the time window has closed by the time you hit the "add" button, simply go back to thread, paste in your entry in the new "enter" window, hit "add" and oilla.
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    I think the easiest solution is to simply hit "add your comments" again, after the error occurs. It always works for me. But it was scary at first.