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    Useful booklet, nicely done...

    Please, compliment this rather than run it down...unless you have something better to offer. If so, post it so we can all see it.
  • Noel - I like it for K - 2 graders. Wish it had more musical notation, but over all, I think its VERY nice!
  • This is beautifully conceived and laid out. I wish that more stanzas were included on some of the hymns, such as Jesus Christ is Risen Today, O Come, All Ye Faithful, and some others. A classic, Once in Royal David's City, might have been included. It is interesting that this hymn was written in mid-XIX. century specifically for children whereas today many adults seem to have trouble with the syntax. (Sad!) Still, you have put together a fine little book. Are you going to publish it? Are we free to copy and propagate it? Also, I agree with Ken: more musical notation would be nice (including square notes where appropriate - if they grow up seeing and singing them, they won't appear strange later on). [Mea culpa! You do have square notes!]
  • It's not mine, I was doing a search and it popped up, from the nature of it I assume that it was by a member of CMAA...if not, it's someone who woudl fit in here very well!

    Here's the contact info:

    Religious Education Department
    St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
    120 West Main Street
    Front Royal, Virginia 22630
    540 635-3780 ext 404
    Religious Education Email:
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    Nicely done, indeed! May we copy and distribute, or is this for publication? I could start using this immediately with my students. I sorta agree with the comments about more notation, but then again, a mini-hymnal like this doesn't need to be an all-inclusive resource; it would be perfect as one resource among others for teaching a core repertoire. Besides, why couldn't a teacher line out some of the unnotated melodies on a whiteboard, a la The Ward Hymnal, then introduce the text from this charming booklet? Excellent choice of repertoire, and the images are perfect for striking up theological and liturgical discussions with children. Many thanks, Noel!
  • It says on the bottom of a page that you are free to print and use...