Feast of the Presentation - Adorn Your Bridal Chamber, Zion
  • I'm doing Adorn Your Bridal Chamber, Zion(Summit Choirbook #284) with my girl choir for the Feast of the Presentation this year, and I was hoping someone more knowledgeable with Latin than I am could translate the Latin for me--to help my girls understand what they are singing.

    The text in question:

    Ecce mundi gaudia.
    In te sunt solemnia.
    O Virgo Maria, Dei plena gratia!

    Many Thanks!
  • Maureen
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    UD's Mary site says you have some of the wording wrong.

    Behold the joys of the world.
    Ecce mundi gaudia.

    In you are the solemn/sacred [things].
    In te sunt solemnia.

    O Virgin Mary, full of God's grace!
    O Virgo Maria, Dei plena gratia.
  • Thanks so much for the help. Excepting the space that I forgot between te and sunt, I copied it straight from the Summit Choirbook.

    What is the address of the site you are referencing?