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    My choir (a Gospel choir that I have converted into a traditional choir) has begun learning the Introit for Lent V, "Judica Me." One of the problems that is coming up is that on the second line (if using this score: http://isaacjogues.org/chants/155/files/765/) they want to put an episma on the clivis of "am" of "meam" (the first 2 notes on the second line). No matter how many times I try to break them of this (3 rehearsals now), they just naturally seem to put it there.

    They can all basically read neumes by now, so that's not the problem... the problem is that to their collective ears, it sounds as though there should be an episma there.

    So the question is... Do I continue trying to break them of this habit or let the chant organically develop as they learn it. It doesn't sound bad to me.

    Learning these propers (we're doing both the Introit and Offertory for Lent V - it's a Mass said by our Bishop, Novus Ordo) far in advance so they can be absolutely perfect - so I would have time to break them of it.

    Any advice?
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    It seems to me that following the text and neumes (as they are given in "Graduale Triplex" ) it would be more natural not to use episema.
    But - for me - the crucial point in this fragment is the quarter bar after "meam". If you are going to take a short breath here episema should sound quite good at that moment. However, if you ignore the quarter bar I would suggest to sing without episema (exactly as it is written).
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    1) Would you say "Defend my cause......against a godless nation" or "Defend my cause against a godless nation"?

    2) You might be singing this so slowly that it's difficult to feel the ictus. I would speed it up and sing "meam de gente" stopping on the first note of the clivis on "-te." Here are four groups of two in a row -- very easy to clap along with. Keep repeating and slowing it down until you get to your desired tempo. Then gradually add more notes before and after until you have the whole phrase.

    3) There is no "perfect" way to sing the chant. The bishop is not going to stop halfway down the aisle if you add an episema that doesn't appear in the Solesmes editions.