Children Singing Stabat Mater?
  • Would it be appropriate to adjust the text of "At the Cross Her Station Keeping" so that it's more easily sung by a young children's choir? My Pastor would like the K-2 choir to sing for the 4th week of Lent which will focus on Mary's sorrow. Any advice on the wisdom of this piece in this setting?

    Many thanks.
  • Kathy
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    Unslumbrous, it's tough theology but true, ultimately hopeful in its final verses.

    I've re-translated it; shoot me an email if you're interested in seeing it:
  • bgeorge77
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    There are tons of translations that are more or less sorrowful.

    I think kids can basically get a lot of it though.

    1. Use the old melody found in the Liber Usualis, rather than the slightly saccharine one found more commonly.
    2. Use the first verse in Latin as a type of refrain, with English verses for the rest.
  • Kathy
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    There are a lot of translations, but kids aren't going to have any idea what most of them are talking about.
  • Kathy,

    Interested in sharing this through the PBEH? We do not have a Stabat at this time and yours, I'm sure, would be worth having.
  • Kathy
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    Thank you, Noel, for the compliment!

    I'd better hold onto this for the moment. However, you might like to know that I've heard that there was a good PD translation by "G.J.G." published in the U.S. Democratic Review of 1842, which begins Broken-hearted, lo! and tearful/ bowed beside that Cross so fearful/ stands the Mother by the Son.