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  • I'm in the middle of viewing a remarkable DVD. It is a recreation of a Mass for St Donatius that was held in 1487 with music composed for it by Jacob Obrecht. The group, Capella Pratensis, is outstanding. The documentary is enlightening, especially regarding all of the musical detail that Obrecht brought to bear, including several secular and Gregorian melodies that interact in the polyphony to provide a stunning amount of devotion. Jennifer Boxom, the musicologist-host, gets most things right in regard to liturgy and the visuals are done in beautiful HD. You even get to see the original ms chantbooks used for the Mass. Anyone who loves polyphony and Catholic liturgy must get this.

    Missa de Sancto Donatiano (Bruges 1487) Cappella Pratensis - Fineline Classical (available at Amazon)
  • the liturgical bit is terrible terrible terrible.
    mass at night?
    the liturgical 'recreation' is terrible. the 'priest' was so blasé and careless about the rubrics that my first reaction was 'ah he has to be an actual Catholic priest, an actor would take some effort to research and look pious'. i googled the name of the 'priest' and it turns out i was right. only an actual RC priest could look that indifferent and be so disrespectful to the rubrics.
  • SEVEN YEARS. At least give a balanced scholarly criticism.
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    Speaking of historical reconstructions, the uCatholic web site posted this old video from Swedish regional TV, a reconstruction of Mass in the 1400s. For those who don't understand Swedish yet, you can skip the first 3m30s of explanation at the beginning of the video from Prof. Anders Piltz, OP.