Colloquium Questions...
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    Okay, so my deposit is in... and now I'm just wondering about a few things:

    Does one need the full meal plan?

    Is a single room, a double room, or a hotel room the best option?

    Anybody have any opinions to share in these matters?
  • 1. Has been really good two times for me; DC and Chicago.
    2. Your call according to needs; you want your own bathroom, get a hotel. You'll spend a lot more $ in Pittsburgh for that than Chicago or DC, believe it or not. I looked already. Wife/me in a double room. (with Singing Mum next door as she provides the world's greatest human alarm clock, ever.)
    Colloquium come soon, please! Clicking heels three times.
  • The full meal plan is great, because one of the best parts of the colloquium is the connections people make while at table.
    I can't imagine an adult wanting to share a room with anyone they didn't know well, unless money is a very significant factor.
    The rooms themselves are always quite nice--certainly adequate for crashing after busy days singing and praying and eating.
    The hotel would only be important if you really find it distinctly unpleasant to share a (decent, clean) bath--with only one other room of Catholic musicians, as it seems this year--or if you imagine that you would want the chance to leave the conference behind for part of the day.

    Not knowing the code for identifying one's self regarding accomodation-pickiness, I should say that if there's a fault to be noticed and complained about, I'll find it and run it into the ground.
    So, I recommend the meal plan and a single dorm room.
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    I actually found sharing a room to be one of the more unexpectedly pleasant experiences of the last colloquium I went to.
    I'm in my 20s, and was placed with a young lady similar in age, and we hit it off right away.
    the best part is it makes it twice as easy to meet new people, especially when it comes to "hanging out" after hours, (if you're into that,) since if you get along, when one of you meets people and makes social plans with them, the other is invited also!
    I suspect that whoever assigns the rooms intentionally puts people with those of similar age--very, very wise... (thank you!)
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    The hotel option at this year's colloquium is a mere $109/night at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center, a 3-star hotel right across the street from Duquesne. That's the way I'll go, if I can scrounge up the dough over the next few weeks. (BTW, Charles, if you can find a three-star hotel for less than that in Chicago that's not 20 or 30 miles away from the city, give me the scoop!)
  • Michael, The Westin right on Michigan was $99 per via Expedia. Great digs in the middle of the mile and near some major great attractions and restaurants. Stayed two nights before Loyola, two nights after. $109's not bad, but the dorms at Loyola were a definite improvement from CUA, and I figure AOZ's thoroughly got a good bead on Dusquene amenities.
  • AOZ
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    The rooms are Duquesne are very nice. We are guaranteed in the newest dorm (and by definition that is the nicest). I've toured the rooms and they are just about comparable to rooms in Regis at Loyola. Very clean, good security, etc. The only thing is that there are no rooms at all with private baths. Like it says on the site, one single room shares a bath with one other single room, etc.

    The Marriott, where we've secured a certain number of rooms at $109 plus tax, is very nice and right across the street from campus and the Church of the Epiphany. No driving in involved. Can't beat that.

    The cafeteria setup at Duquesne is not much like Loyola's. There are two cafeterias potentially open in the summer, but neither is large enough for our entire group at once. So a different setup called for different plans. Meals will be catered in a special ballroom all week. Should be lovely. An added luxury: two Starbucks on campus - one inside the student union (its all very central) and one in the bookstore (I think it's a Barnes and Noble), which is in the same building as our ballroom, etc.

    Anyway, you trust me, right???
  • mjballoumjballou
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    I trust AOZ anytime I'm looking for conference accommodations because her standards are much higher than mine and she doesn't miss anything.
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    Thank you all for your advice.