Crucem tuam a 4 (SATB)
  • I've shown drafts of this composition to a couple of people off-board: the MIDI here represents the "final cut".

    This antiphon with accompanying verse is sung after the Reproaches on Good Friday. Length of piece: ~2:30-2:45

    MIDI file (does not reflect the repetition of the antiphon; also, the fauxbourdon verse is rhythmically stylized a la the Tallis Scholars' interpretation of Allegri's Miserere)

    Kindly e-mail me for a PDF file; see also my blog entry.
  • After much deliberation, I have published Crucem Tuam a 4 under the terms of the Free Art License. It is now available online at:

    - CPDL
    - CantemusDomino.Net

    CantemusDomino.Net has additional background information about the work, as well as my rationale behind publishing it under the Free Art License.