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    Watching a show on EWTN International last night, I saw the wonderful story of someone who converted from Mormonism to Catholicism. It reminded me of yet ANOTHER reason why we need real Sacred music at Mass.

    Listening to his story, I heard about the years of research he did, learning about the truth of the Catholic Faith. I learned about the enormous sacrifices he made when this former Mormon Bishop finally decided to sever ties with his wife, children, and community to join the Church (because to leave the Mormon Church also means to leave that tight-knit community).

    However, I shudder to think about the music this man hears at the typical Catholic church.

    The conversion story reminded me of the nobility, seriousness, holiness, and greatness of the Catholic faith. I am deeply sad and embarrassed that at so many of our parishes, the music is trivial, emotional "Barney" music based on Broadway show-tunes.

    I'm not trying to be obnoxious with this post.

    All I can say is that, if nothing else, WE OWE IT TO THE CONVERTS to assure that music at the Holy Mass is Sacred, Beatiful, Universal, Austere, and in line with the reenactment of the Sacrifice of Calvary.

    It is kind of like having a clean house. You should have a clean house for many reasons, all of them important. But at the very least, clean your house when you have visitors!
  • I wish I could have seen that broadcast Jeff. I agree so much with your statement. The music in the vast majority of the churches here in Fresno, CA are as exactly as you described. I have sent dozens of emails to the Bishop's office and others in three years with only one response and it was simply, "thank you for your comments." The Sunday Morning Mass here is televised and broadcasted over a large geographical area. Each choir / enseble from every church is offered a chance to participate. Rarely is the organ ever played in the chapel (which has excellent acoustics). It is almost always grossly out of tune geetars and singers with vibrators so wide they aren't even singing a correct pitch. The music is almost alway OCP and or GLORY AND PRAISE selections, and its the same ones over and over. There is a Latin Schola here in Fresno but they have never been on the Sunday Mass. Several of the clergy here are strongly anti-Latin Mass of any kind. I have offered to volunteer to help in any way possible and have recieved only silence. What is even more sad and depressing is that this Bishop is widely known to be anti-traditional-sacred classical music. The cathedral here has a Mariachi emsemble! That says it all!
  • And a good schola in Fresno it is, Ken. We also have a similar sized/abled one in my neck of the woods that I have enlisted for my Requiem whenever the need arises.
    I also gave up doing the TV Masses a decade ago or so. We insisted on singing the Kyrie and Gloria (Gouzes at the time) as well as many motets and chants, much to the chagrin of the parade of contracted directors of the tapings. The go-to celebrant was my former rector at the cathedral during my tenure (87-91) and he gladly shortened his homilies for the 27 minute taping so we could get in some Palestrina! When I DM'd at the cathedral Vivaldi's Gloria was sung prior to Midnight Mass, the Faure and Rutter Requiems were concertized on Palm Sundays, etc.
    My predecessor also laid that groundwork prior to my moving south to Fresno.
    It is a different era, now.

    For the record, I'm home recuperating from a medical procedure and not on parish time.
  • Charles - Is there any hope for the greater Fresno diocesan area? Btw, I live very close to St. Anthony's of Padua where the Latin Mass is offered. I have been in hopes of being part of their Schola but I guess it's just not meant to be. I have a lot to offer but even that situation has some problems unfortunately. I wish that somewhere, someday I could find a really great, honest and totally supportive and stable dependable priest to work with in a nice traditional acoustical setting. I guess I am dreaming. One of my ultimate dreams would be to start an actual monastery and schola whose total dedication is the praise and adoration of God through sacred music; a monastery for traditional classically trained musicians and artists.
  • Ken, there was a fairly major parish with a pastor who was interested in implementing a "brick by brick, reform of reform, progressive solemnity" inculturation among his flock. Not close to Fresno, per se. Don't know how that has worked out.
    Not much else to say that I know about. Sorry.