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    I received my FALL CMAA Magazine

    Wonderful to see articles of such variety, by new authors !
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    It's very good. A fascinating and useful combination of articles. I especially liked William Mahrt on Ad orientem and Music, Francis Brancaleone on Justine Ward, Ronald Prowse on the changes in Chant from the 16th Century on, and Mary Jane Ballou on mixed ability liturgical choirs.

    BTW - here's a tip for those of you sitting on the edge of your chair, waiting for the latest edition to arrive: move abroad. I seem to get my copy well before on-shore subscribers!
  • And here I've been wondering why no one was posting about the new issue, as I've had mine for over a week (& I live in the midwest US if that means anything)!

    By all means, it is a very excellent issue. Many thanks and kudos to all the authors for a job well done. I'm already gearing up for my first re-read.
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    The article on Justine Ward was fascinating. "Strong willed" is an understatement in assessing her character.
  • The Ward article blew me away
  • The whole issue was fabulous, but I also really loved the article on Justine Ward. It answered so many questions I had about her and helped me flesh her out a bit more. I had wondered about Mother Georgia Stevens and their relationship.

    I find it a little funny that she would name the whole method with her married name with a marriage that was bad from the beginning. Did she keep the surname Ward even after the annulment?

    And I was wondering about the first editions of the Ward method (with Elizabeth Perkins) were based on the Solesmes method? There are no credits in those editions to Solesmes or Declee editions. She didn’t form an alliance with Dom Mocquereau until later, but was she following written instructions of the Solesmes method?
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    Sacred Music Fall 2009
    Volume 136 No. 3

    arrived in California (San Francisco, East Bay) on Tue Nov 10.
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    I'm behind on my reading, just finished the article on Georgia Stevens by Francis Brancaleone in Vol 139, No 2, Summer 2012. EXCELLENT! These are some of my favorite articles, first on Ward, now on Stevens. I love to know the history behind the works we use! Are the volumes by Georgia Stevens still under copyright?

    And what happened to all those lay people and religious who went through all this training on the ideal and what should be the Norm for sacred music and the liturgy. Where did they go after Vatican II? Were they so easily swayed to forget everything they learned and go folksy? I just don't get it!

    I'm curious if there are stories like these behind other Catholic music series of the time, and a little later, like "Catholic Music Hour", "To God Through Music", and "We Sing and Praise". Were there connections to Ward and/or Stevens for training, or was there another musical training connection, like Dom Vitry or another musical trainer during the Liturgical Movement?