verification of what we always knew about our work...
  • I haven't seen it and just read it - THANKS! I strongly agree with that article. My question is this: Why can't a church musician receive at the very least, the same salary, benefits, insurances and SECURITIES as any other pastor, priest, or minister? For example, whenever a new pastor comes in and in their opinion, says it is not going to be a good match between him and the music director, instead of firing the music director, the diocese or national church agencies / administrations should help in every way possible to find an open position for the out going music director to transfer into. I know that subordinate clergy are offered this option. Why can't other employees of the church receive this option? This way the church would be upholding the Christian spirit of commitment in relationships. Music directors and or other employees would be able to keep their insurance and benefits, etc. The music director could always decline this service. The church should do everything it can in lessening the already huge amount of stress that is inherent in this position. This would be, I think, be true social justice! Perhaps the music directors / organists could all be paid from the diocese; they would be diocesan employees like priest! I am sure my proposition has many holes in it and it may be simple minded, but in some way, isn't this worthy of serious thought and consideration. I think it would solve so many heart breaking problems!
  • GavinGavin
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    As much sorrow as the job brings us, doesn't it also bring us even greater joys?
  • music123
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    I agree. I still get a get out of the fact that I get to play a pipe organ as my job. Is there anything more fun? (Yeah, and I guess there's all that good spiritual stuff too....:-)
  • marajoymarajoy
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    certainly! There's not really any reason to do it otherwise...
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    at rehearsal last night the Victoria Ave Maria (which we were supposed to do in October) FINALLY came together. I dont know who was more thrilled, me or the choir (which by the way was a former folk group). The look on their faces after the first acapella run through was something ill treasure for a long time.