Set a dollar value on your music program...
  • Pastors need to be educated on the value of music programs...all some think about is what they cost.

    A priest decides to stop singing in Latin at Mass. One choir member quits, who has moved their tithe to the parish and donated $1,000 already to the parish that year as gifts in addition to tithing. The priest fails to get rid of the music director who was doing the chant so another member, joined 6 months earlier and has moved her tithe to the church and donated $10,000 to the building fund and another $5,000 to the organ fund quits because she expected the pastor to get rid of the music director and his rehearsals which she really didn't like.

    It's like wanting a steak and shooting the milk cow to get it...

    What is the total giving of your choir and musicians? How many of them moved from other parishes to be part of the music program you developed?

    Pastors need to balance out the complaints from the pews (there will always be complainers, just like the poor) with the cash flow from the participants in the choir before making any decisions that can alienate members.
  • AMEN AND ALLELUIA ! I totally agre with you.