PBEH: Hymn Sleuths, Arm Yourselves...
  • An effective hymnal requires more than a title and tune. Note the list of information, and type in what you can add, being careful to use the ; and ' for separation and consistency.


    The link above takes you to a list of possible hymns for the PBEH.

    This is a spreadsheet. Type in the needed information for the header for each hymn...

    NOTE: this is a live sheet, so others may be typing as you are on other fields. On the right you may see who else is working and can IM them there as well.
  • Is this displaying how you want it to?
    (i.e., with most of the metadata stored together in the third field, rather than separate fields for meter, translator, etc.)
  • Rebecca,

    Thanks for asking.

    Yes...the reason being that the header in Finale is a text field. It has the ability to be filled in automatically by inserting text into a File Info... device that then puts it into the style format automatically. However, it does not offer custom fields, so to make this work we insert the entire line and add carriage returns to break it into three lines as needed.

    At first I thought I would set it up as individual fields for entry but then saw that it would increase work...
  • I know this might cause some consternation, but could we make a firm statement by excluding Ein Feste Burg? It's subtext always leaves me feeling very angry.
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    maybe humans can do data entry into normalized (database term) columns
    and you create a separate column (FinaleUseOnly)
    that automatically does the aggregating and formatting you need/want?
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    MOC, are we of the same age that this replays from youth?
    God, help us clean up the mess we are still in.
  • I will investigate this now, thanks.
  • Done. Fill out to your hearts content.
  • The "feste Burg" IRRC was originally a fortress against the attacks of Catholic doctrine. I'm just never comfortable with this hymn (I realize that I can just not use it, but every item makes a statement doesn't it?) and while one can rethink the meaning of its lyric, one cannot deny its origins.
  • Revised link to work spreadsheet for you to enter header info for PBEH:

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    Noel, is it right to say that PBEH is still in the "gathering" stage, and "screening" comes later?
  • OH YES!

    The online list, or some version of it, will stay for people to use for producing their own hymnals and worship aids.

    An evaluation process will be done that will rate these.