• Well, this certainly brings back memories. David Maurand was a member of the choir at Christ's Church (Episcopal) in Hamilton, MA many, many years ago when I was their interim director/organist. If I remember correctly, his children were in one of the kids choirs as well. He had a passion of writing descants even back then.

    By the way, is it my computer or his program that's causing problems? The notes are hardly legible.
  • JDE
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    When I saw the typo, I thought you were talking about what one does with whiskey.
  • If only...
  • JDE
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    After hearing the sopranshees in a former choir of mine overrun the final verse of EVERY SINGLE HYMN, I was usually ready to decant.
  • sopranshees!!! Can't stop laughing here.
  • Yurodivi and Frogman above is the single most hilarious thing I have ever read on this forum--classic!
  • Am I the only one who visits this forum that drinks? (Wednesday is rehearsal night after all.) It wasn't until my early morning sobriety that I realized I had missed the hilarity of the original post.
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    You're not alone. Music and alcohol go together like ... gin and tonic.