Mass in C Major : SATB a cappella
  • I listened to the KYRIE, and I think it is beautiful. I congratulate you. Nice technology, too, the way that posts.
  • francis
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    Hi Jules:

    Thanks for the compliment. It is all free if you ever want to use it in any way. PDF's are readily available. If it's too long for a Mass I can easily edit it too.

    The technology is very kool for demonstrating comps and giving people a glimpse before they ever consider acquiring the work. This is my own method that utilizes a Macintosh G5. Sibelius is the scoring program. It exports an .aif file which I then import into Garage Band. There I can apply overall dynamics and a room acoustic... dark cathedral, bright cathedral, cave, etc. Then I export the sound file out of GB into iTunes. I grab it from iTunes and import it into Flash. That is how the audio is created.

    For graphics, I export a pdf out of Sibelius, and import it into Fireworks. That program exports an entire score with the push of one mouse click into perfectly sized jpg's which are also imported into Flash. Flash is the animation program that lets me marry the score to the audio. The whole thing is then exported as a shockwave flash file. I build html pages for the display and thats it! It took about four hours to create this 'musical microsite'.

    I can certainly do this for other composers if they are interested. But that service is how I make a living, so I cannot provide it for free until I hit the lottery or something. lol.

    The CMAA gave the first reading of the Agnus Dei at the Colloquium of 2005, just before the premier in December of that year.