American Gradual Propers for the remainder of ordinary time not accessible?
  • Aristotle Esguerra just sent me an e-mail message saying that the unrevised American Gradual propers for the remainder of Ordinary Time this year, which I had posted to this forum a few weeks ago, were no longer accessible.

    I am, therefore, posting them again.
  • Mark M.Mark M.
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    Again, wonderful… thanks!

    I've mostly kept track of your updates. When I haven't, I've sometimes tried to come back and find them, usually only to discover the same problem that Aristotle encountered. The file on the sidebar of the front page of MusicaSacra ("americangradual1.pdf") is still the same — up to Ordinary Time 12. (So, personally, I'm missing 13 through 26. Are they still available?)

    Also, Aristotle, if you're listening here… are you planning to post more singing examples of them?

    EDIT: Oh, sorry, sorry. Here are 16 through 20. And I bet if I search some more I'll find the others I'm missing.
  • The revised propers for the 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (November 8 this year) are attached.
  • Revised propers for the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time are attached.
  • This time they ARE attached.
  • Mark M: I'll have to see where I can fit it into my new schedule come December; I would like to, though.
  • Heath
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    I think this collection is still missing 8-11 OT . . . Mr. Ford, are these floating about?
  • Chris_McAvoyChris_McAvoy
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    I have scans of 8-11, as I had to buy the original book, which I dont think is for sale at all now - if anyone wants them ask privately. I assume Mr. Ford doesnt mind private sharing of them.