Using the forum search option; how to optimize your posts for searching
  • Why is there a search function?

    Since the forum saves our discussions going back to 2007, new users with questions may find that some topics have been addressed already by veteran members.

    The forum software has a simple search function that makes it possible to find previous discussions on a topic.

    The forum search feature only includes postings on the forum site. If you wish to search for an item on the main CMAA web site, please use the search tool specific to that section.

    Using search functionality

    1. Locate the "Google Custom Search" form at the top of the forum page.
    2. Type in one or more keywords into the input box that appears.
    3. If you want to search the titles of discussions, add the keyword "allintitle:" before your search terms.
    4. Click the Search button; results will appear quickly.

    The search is provided by Google, so their usual features should work: e.g., prefixing a keyword with a minus sign "-" to exclude posts containing that word; or surrounding a phrase with quotation marks to force a search for the exact phrase.

    Optimizing your posts for search

    1. If you are initiating a discussion, use a descriptive discussion topic. Most of the time a suitable topic heading will be apparent while you are typing your comments.
    2. Check your spelling. Many browsers will have either a built-in spell-checker or capability to add a spell-checking extension for the English language. For words in Latin and other languages, be extra careful.

    If anyone has any additional suggestions, please place them below. Worthy suggestions will be added to the list above and the contributor will be given credit.


    Alas, the search feature does not sort results by date yet.

    (Updated 3/2013)