Scott Turkington leading rehearsal at Pilgrimage
  • AOZ
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    Recordings provided by participant Penny Silvers:


    Ut Queant Laxis
  • Always great, always encouraging, and right on the money!
  • miacoyne
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    Thank you Arlene for posting the video.
    His class is never dull or boring. I could sing in his class all day. In Chant intensive he teaches all day , same evergy from the very beginning till the end of the last class, never a dull moment. He is a wonderful teacher and director.
    And thank you for let us sing Ut queant Laxis. It was great. My schola was thrilled, because they really knew this one.(a part of my feeble effort in my chant class to convince them about the Solfege.)
  • Kathy
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    I've never noticed how he says "go!" That's a great device.
  • AOZ
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    In Scott's teaching you can see years of expertise and enthusiasm for the chant, and just great pedagogy - much of which is disguised or rather refined Ward training, internalized by his years of experience. Saying "go," as you point out, is right out of Ward. Establish the rhythm and then on pitch with cue words start the singing. brilliant. And so simple! No one does it better.
  • Dr. William Mahrt's talk: Active Participation and Listening to Chant may be heard here.

    You might want to click the "Pause" button to allow buffering or else you'll hear stuttering.

    Sorry about not turning on the recorder in time to catch the beginning. I was just a few seconds late. The rustling and comments were by people around me.