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    I am so glad there is a site like this.
    It gives one hope. I am a former episcopalian in RCIA. I am not a musician. Like so many of us, I am eager to become truly Catholic but do miss the great musical heritage we once knew. As an Anglican priest convert to Catholicism said to me recently," being Catholic is wonderful every day except Sunday." Can anyone suggest a way to start a mass using proper church music ? My thought is that rather than trying to force everyone to suddenly change their musical expectations at my parish, it might be better to start an Anglican Use Mass for all the Anglican converts in our large diocese. I know that they , while they are happy to be in the Catholic Church, like me, greatly miss the dignity of their former mass, hymns, wonderful chants, and polyphony. Perhaps others in our parish might wonder where all that noise is coming from and join us? Any thoughts?
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    Where are you located? There are AU churches being set up every once in a while. If enough former Episcopalians can be found with their pastor who are interested in full communion with the Catholic Church in a particular region, then they may request their bishop to establish canonically an AU parish (of course, the bishop has the right to refuse). This also assumes that the former pastor is willing to be ordained to the Catholic priesthood, and if married, the Holy See, having received the assent of the man's bishop, grants a dispensation from the law of celibacy.

    I encourage you to keep up with the Anglican Use through:

    Office of the Pastoral Provision

    Anglican Use Society (support group for the pastoral provision)

    Anglican Use blog