Images and recordings of Upcoming Pilgrimage
  • AOZ
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    All participants can help us in preserving and propagating the events that take place at the Fall Pilgrimage. We need lots of audio/video/images. Unlike the usual events that are encumbered by restrictions and proprietary claims, this entire conference is completely open source, so that no one should fear recording or taking pictures and uploading everything as soon as possible for general sharing. This is the way we get the word out. If you can help in this area, please take the initiative and share the results as widely as possible, particularly on the Musica Sacra forum.
  • Chant and Polyphony from the CMAA Pilgrimage to the National Shrine (propers, ordinary, motets, and Marian antiphon from yesterday's Mass)
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    WOW! I can't believe how beautiful that AVE MARIA by Palestrina sounds ---- congratulations to you people for all your amazing work! AMAZING!