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  • No, I am not suggesting we throw tomatoes.

    It would be of extreme help to have a chart showing existing seminaries and rate their annual graduates for interest in the renewal of liturgy and music.
  • Kathy
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    I'm trying to come up with an appropriate scientific formula....
  • chonakchonak
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    A list of seminaries in the US and Canada is probably available in the annual Catholic Almanac.

    Here are some elements that show a Roman-rite priest's interest in the renewal of liturgy and music:

    --expressed interest in and active adoption of:
    ----sung Mass per the "Musicam Sacram" paradigm
    ----plainchant (Gregorian and/or vernacular)
    ----extraordinary-form rites
    ----public celebration of sung Divine Office/Liturgy of the Hours
    ----"reform of the reform" liturgical practices

    --ongoing education
    ----membership and participation in professional organizations (CMAA, SCL)
    ------extra points for CMAA Colloquium, of course
    ----reading books/journals in the field

    --integrity in celebration
    ----fidelity to Church norms; avoidance of participation in liturgical abuses