PBEH Discussion: Only music for the pews or with choir editions?
  • Blaise
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    To whoever is organizing this, are these only going to be in pew editions or are there going to be hymnals for choir (SATB)?
    The hymns for Adoremus Hymnal already have harmonizations to them, anybody interested in purchasing copyright licenses from them for select hymns? Or are you going to make completely new harmonizations? Over at my parish, the hymns are sometimes accompanied with soprano descant instead of four part harmony, most often with no harmony at all.

    And some hymns, such as "Holy, Holy, Holy" are better when done to a choral version (this one is by a Russian composer by Tchekovsky(sp?)) than if they were done to a harmonized version of what the people sing.
  • GavinGavin
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    The pew edition is to be SATB, I believe.
  • Except for a few hymns sung normally as unison (which will have full organ parts) all hymns will be SATB.

    Everything, aside from new hymns submitted under Creative Commons, will be Public Domain. No copyright licenses are being purchased.
  • JDE
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    Copyright cops to CMAA: "May I see your license?"

    CMAA: "Uh . . . isn't it on the back of the car?"

    Seriously. Not only is all the music freely reproducible, it will not be an elite-versus-proles sort of hymnal. Everyone will be on the same sheet of music. Literally.